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Darryl's Story

Darryl loves spending time with his family and friends, cooking, and hanging out with his new golden doodle/cocker spaniel puppy, Kobe. Darryl has been living with multiple sclerosis for about ten years, and is using the Neural Sleeve to stay active and improve his mobility so he can walk his daughter down the aisle and dance with her at her wedding next summer.

Darryl has been participating in our home usability trials and has made amazing progress in just a few short months. He is able to walk more and for longer distances, and feels stronger, and the muscles in his impacted leg have increased in size and definition. Not only does he walk with the Neural Sleeve, but he uses the exercises every day, all of which he attributes to his progress.

Steve's Story

With foot drop, I am constantly thinking about tripping and the challenges with different surfaces. People shouldn’t have to think about walking in the same way that they shouldn't have to think about breathing, but that’s not the case with MS. The Neural Sleeve removes the stress and constant worry and concentration about what your toe is doing—the system takes care of that for you. To be able to walk and not have my foot drop get worse is tremendous. One of the ways I stay active is walking long distances on the treadmill. Before the Neural Sleeve, I could walk about 1.5 miles before my foot drop forced me to stop. Now, I walk 3 miles per day on average and have increased my speed while doing so. Importantly, my walking when I’m not wearing the Neural Sleeve has improved as well. The way I describe it is that the stimulation is waking up my nerves and muscles again. I can walk unaided at least twice as far now than I could before I had the Neural Sleeve, and I’m even able to run for short distances, something I haven’t been able to do in years.

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Jan's Story

Living with cerebral palsy has been a life long challenge. When it’s hard to move, you don’t move much, and then it’s harder to move. Wearing the Neural Sleeve has changed the trajectory of my mobility exponentially. I look forward to each day with increased stamina and confidence. I truly feel as though I am in the middle of a medical miracle. Jeremiah Robison and the team at Cionic are incredibly innovative people full of expertise and empathy. I am so fortunate to be involved!

Neale's Story

It was 4 years ago when I had my brainstem stroke. I lost all movement in my left side and was quite frightened at 32 yrs old. ‘I have a lot of life to live,’ I thought to myself, ‘I must fight to regain my independence.’ The Neural Sleeve has been fantastic in my recovery. I am able to move much faster and safer. The sleeve is a game changer because of my drop foot and is very comfortable. The CIONIC team has been world class with their customer service. I finally got the spark back in my life that I was missing and The Cionic Neural Sleeve has played a big part in that.

Ben's Story

I have a progressive spinal cord disease, which is leading slowly and inexorably to paraplegia. I generally use two canes to walk. I tried the Cionic Neural Sleeve in October 2021. The device immediately assessed my specific issues with gait, such as the pronounced drop in my right foot, and my very poor hip flexion, which leads to a shuffling gait. Then with a few custom settings, I received the right level of stimulation in exactly the right spots. My foot drop was eliminated; my hip flexion was materially improved. I walked faster, with a more confident stride and better balance. I felt energized and hopeful.

Patricia's Story

Using the Cionic Neural Sleeve gave me a feeling of freedom I had not experienced since my CVA. The sense of freedom was directly a result of being able to use my two feet to navigate the streets of San Francisco. The sights, the sounds, the smells, the bustling sidewalk, and the blue sky overhead. It was really a breathtaking moment. What it feels like to use the Cionic Neural Sleeve is it's still my body. It's still my functioning leg. Muscles were engaging with the Neural Sleeve that do not engage without it. Therefore I'm able to walk more efficiently, I'm able to walk more confidently and without the added bandwidth in my brain of 'I'm going to fall' with each literal step. It was an unparalleled sense of freedom.

Jim's Story

I was diagnosed with MS 10 years ago. During that time my left leg and foot have grown progressively weaker and less responsive. My mobility and my ability to walk are now quite compromised. I have been using the Cionic Neural Sleeve for just over one week's time and cannot be more pleased. Wearing the Neural Sleeve I move in a way that is more flowing and natural. I am walking more quickly and smoothly while using less energy in doing so. Already I feel that I am getting stronger and more endurant. I should also mention that the Neural Sleeve is surprisingly comfortable and my body has become accustomed to wearing it surprisingly quickly. I do not have the words to properly explain the positive effects on my confidence and outlook. I very much look forward to seeing what progress I can make with the help of the Neural Sleeve.

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