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Open Position: Software Engineering Intern (Platform)

We are a company that creates bionic clothing to enhance human performance, restore physical function, and increase independence. Our goal is to enable people to move without limits. We acknowledge that achieving this goal is not easy, and we require the assistance of a disverse group of professionals, including engineers, therapists, researchers, and patients, all working collaboratively to develop solutions.

To achieve our mission, we're building a human augmentation platform that provides resources and assistance to turn concepts into practical solutions. In addition to our flagship product, the Cionic Neural Sleeve, this platform is an essential aspect of our mission.

Our platfom, the Cionic Development Kit, provides a comprehensive set of tools that help researchers and developers build innovative human augmentation applications. Cionic Applications are downloaded onto Cionic Devices to unlock new user experiences; ranging from study protocols and rehab programs to neural training games or anything in between. An application may incorporate audio or visual biofeedback based on sensor data from Cionic Devices, utilize electrical stimulation to activate motor movement, or even integrate custom augmentation hardware of your own design.

The Cionic Development Kit comprises four essential modules:

As an intern, you will have the opportunity to work on your own research or product-based project with the guidance and support of our engineers and a mentor throughout the summer. You'll be able to use and develop CIONIC's platform tools, and contribute to fulfilling our mission.

Some examples of projects that you could work on include:

Join us this summer to make a difference in people's lives and contribute to our mission of enabling people to move without limits.

With your application, please submit your resume and a brief paragraph, preferably no more than 250 words, explaining the project you plan to work on. Note that the projects above are just examples - if you have another idea, we'd love to hear it!

Ready to apply? Reach out to us at hiring@cionic.com.


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ph: +1 (888) 481-3724