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Introduce your patients to the first bionic garment that combines the diagnostic power of a gait lab with the therapeutic power of Functional Electrical Stimulation (FES).

The Cionic Neural Sleeve was made for individuals with difficulty walking or lower extremity weakness due to:

  • – Multiple Sclerosis
  • – Stroke
  • – Cerebral Palsy
  • – Incomplete Spinal Cord Injury
  • – Traumatic Brain Injury
  • – Other Upper Motor Neuron Disorders
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Product Features

  • Full Leg Assistance

    Software-steered Functional Electrical Stimulation delivered to the four major muscle groups of the leg

  • Real-Time Analysis

    Our proprietary Read+Write Neural Interface measures muscle firings and limb position to analyze every movement

  • Context Awareness

    The system knows when you’re sitting, standing, or walking, providing the right stimulation at the right time

  • Adaptive Algorithms

    The system continuously optimizes stimulation patterns to make each step smarter than the last

  • Personalized Care

    EMG and kinematics reports track patient progress over time. App-controlled experience enables customization of treatment with exercises and educational resources

  • All-Day Wearability

    Comfortable, intuitive design is easily put on and taken off. 8-hour battery life designed to assist throughout the day.

Personalized Full-leg Stimulation


Hamstrings during swing for improved knee flexion


Plantarflexors for improved push off


Quadriceps for loading response stability


Dorsiflexors during swing for improved foot clearance

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In Action

Clinical Evidence

94% of participants
experienced increased ankle
dorsiflexion at heel strike
9º average improvement to
dorsi+inversion across all
88% of participants
experienced reduced ankle
inversion during swing
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Indications for Use

Facilitate Muscle
Prevent Disuse
Increase Strength
& Range of Motion
Increase Local

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Indications for Use: The Cionic Neural Sleeve NS-100 is intended to provide ankle dorsiflexion and/or plantarflexion in adult individuals with foot drop and/or to assist knee flexion or extension in adult individuals with muscle weakness related to upper motor neuron disease/injury (e.g. stroke, damage to pathways to the spinal cord). The Cionic Neural Sleeve NS-100 electrically stimulates muscles in the affected leg to provide ankle dorsiflexion and/or plantarflexion of the foot and/or knee flexion or extension; thus, it also may improve the individual’s gait.
The Cionic Neural Sleeve NS-100 may also:
- Facilitate muscle re-education
- Prevent/retard disuse atrophy
- Maintain or increase joint range of motion
- Increase local blood flow
Contraindications: individuals with implanted demand-type cardiac pacemakers or defibrillators should not use the Cionic Neural Sleeve; the Cionic Neural Sleeve should not be used over malignant tumors; the Cionic Neural Sleeve should not be placed over any areas where existing thrombosis is present; the Cionic Neural Sleeve should not be used on a leg where a regional disorder, such as a fracture or dislocation, could be adversely affected by motion from stimulation.

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