Increase Strength &
Range of Motion
Facilitate Muscle
FDA Cleared &
Scientifically Validated
Non-Invasive &
Drug Free

Personalized Mobility Care

The Cionic Neural Sleeve assists in activities of daily living.
Controlled by the CIONIC application for iOS and Android, the system allows you to:

– Easily customize and manage your mobility treatment
– Gain insight into your progress
– Share data with your healthcare team

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Clinical Evidence
94% of participants
experienced increased ankle
dorsiflexion at heel strike
9º average improvement to
dorsi+inversion across all
88% of participants
experienced reduced ankle
inversion during swing
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Pricing and Details
Pay as you go:
$260 down, then $260 a month for the first 12 months. Includes the Neural Sleeve, replacement electrodes, expert mobility care, and new programs and activities. Year two subscription $120/month. Local taxes may apply.
Estimated delivery:
Approximately 6-10 weeks from receipt of an approved prescription and walking video (timing varies depending on size and color)
Our step together guarantee:
If the Cionic Neural Sleeve isn't helping you, cancel anytime
FSA/HSA eligible:
Our prescription device is covered by most FSA and HSA programs
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How to Order
Step 1
Take the Assessment
Answer a few brief questions to see if the Neural Sleeve is a fit for your mobility. Start here.
Step 2
Order Your Sleeve
Eligible customers can enter measurements, pick out their sleeve, and order directly on our website. Took the assessment already? Complete your order now.
Step 3
Get a Prescription
We’ll send you our prescription form and instructions, and you or your provider can return it to us by fax or email.
Step 4
Download the CIONIC App
The CIONIC App is available for iOS and Android – just search for “CIONIC” in the Apple App or Google Play stores or visit
Step 5
Record Your Walking Video
Open the CIONIC App where you’ll find instructions for recording your walking video to help our Mobility Specialists understand your gait.
Step 6
Book Your Setup Appointment
Once your Neural Sleeve arrives, open the CIONIC App to watch onboarding content and schedule your setup appointment. Learn more.
Awards and Recognitions
How Does it Work?

Continuous Motion Analysis

Sophisticated sensors continuously monitor movement in real-time to evaluate muscle firing and limb position.


Functional Electrical Stimulation

Personalized algorithms deliver functional electrical stimulation to activate the necessary muscles precisely coordinated to the gait cycle.

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