Introducing the

Cionic Neural Sleeve™

The most advanced mobility solution to
improve walking and strength

How Does it Work?

Motion Analysis

Sophisticated sensors continuously monitor movement in real-time to evaluate muscle firing and limb position.

Electrical Stimulation

Personalized algorithms deliver functional electrical stimulation to activate the necessary muscles precisely coordinated to the gait cycle.

Clinical Evidence
94% of participants
experienced increased ankle
dorsiflexion at heel strike
9º average improvement to
dorsi+inversion across all
88% of participants
experienced reduced ankle
inversion during swing
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Comprehensive Support
Full Leg Assistance
Software-steered Functional Electrical Stimulation delivered to the four major muscle groups of the leg
Real-Time Analysis
Our proprietary Read+Write Neural Interface measures muscle firings and limb position to analyze every movement
Powered by Algorithms
Context Awareness
The system knows when you’re sitting, standing, or walking, providing the right stimulation at the right time
Adaptive Algorithms
The system continuously optimizes stimulation patterns to make each step smarter than the last
Personalized Care
App Controlled
The CIONIC application for iOS and Android enables customization of treatment with a library of exercises and educational resources
Sharable Progress
Monitor your progress and share data with your healthcare team
All-Day Wearability
Comfortable Fit
Sleek, lightweight design can be worn under clothing or on its own. Available in different colors and sizes that fit your individual style
Easy to Use
Intuitive design can be easily put on and taken off. 8-hour battery life designed to assist throughout the day

Thoughtfully Designed

To create the Neural Sleeve, CIONIC partnered with the world-renowned industrial designer, Yves Behar, and his multidisciplinary agency, fuseproject.

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