Preparing For Your Onboarding Appointment

Preparing for your onboarding appointment with your Mobility Specialist is an important step in ensuring the appointment is a success. Please be sure to follow the steps so that you are fully prepared and wearing your Neural Sleeve before you “Join Technician Help” in the CIONIC App!
Preparing For Your Setup Appointment
What To Expect During Your Setup Appointment
Helpful Tips
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Charge your Control Unit - It is best to plug your control unit into the wall with the adapter and cable provided to you by Cionic and charge it overnight the evening prior to your onboarding appointment. Keep your charger close for your appointment.
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Charge your phone - Since all of the technician help happens through the Cionic app on your phone, your phone will need adequate charge to complete your appointment.
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Connect to the internet - Make sure you have a reliable internet connection to minimize disruptions to your onboarding process.
Tip 04 /
Place electrode pads on your sleeve - You need to be wearing the Neural Sleeve for your appointment, so apply electrode pads before the appointment and cover them with the shiny/plastic side of the storage covers when not in use.
Tip 05 /
Put on the Neural Sleeve - once your Neural Sleeve is on, put on shorts or or a skirt so your Neural Sleeve is visible during the setup appointment. This way, your Mobility Specialist can help make adjustments, if needed.
Tip 06 /
Prepare your space - during the appointment, you’ll need a stable chair (no wheels), and at least ten feet of space where you can walk safely and where your Mobility Specialist can clearly watch you walk. Ideally, your chair would be near an outlet where you can plug in your Control Unit.
Tip 07 /
If possible, have someone with you. It’s not necessary, but it will make it easier to capture the walking videos. If you are by yourself, no problem. We’ll help you set up your phone so we can see your full gait profile.
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Finally, a few minutes before your appointment, have a seat in your chair with your Neural Sleeve on. Select “join” to initiate the setup appointment.
User Manual Content
Learn more about onboarding and setup
  • Chapter 5: Neural Sleeve (p. 12)
  • Chapter 6: Video Onboarding to Set Up Your Neural Sleeve (p. 21)
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