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S.F. startup creates bionic clothing to help people with impaired mobility – DEC 2022
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Jenn sits with inventor of the Neural Sleeve, Jeremiah Robison – OCT 2022
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Walking with Electric Pants – OCT 2022
Cionic gets $12.5M to accelerate its assistive mobility wearable – SEP 2022
Bionic Clothing Startup CIONIC Secures $12.5 Million Funding To Augment Mobility – SEP 2022
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Episode 88: Walk Better w/ Cionic Neural Sleeve – SEP 2022
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Top 10 Medical Innovations Designed to Revolutionize Modern Healthcare - AUG 2022
Lightweight bionic zaps muscles to help you walk longer, faster - AUG 2022
This neural leg sleeve uses AI to correct walking patterns - JUL 2022
Cionic Unveils Bionic Clothing To Assist Patients With Walking Difficulties - JUL 2022
Neural Sleeve is a bionic leg wrap that uses AI to correct walking patterns - JUL 2022
newly unveiled bionic clothing by yves béhar + CIONIC integrates AI to expand mobility - JUL 2022
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Cionic Works With fuseproject on Design of Wearable Neural Sleeve - JUL 2022
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fuseproject’s Bionic Leg Wearable Improves Lives of Those Living With Mobility Difficulties Using AI - JUL 2022
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Bionic Clothing for Mobility Challenged Individual Provides Full Leg Assistance - JUL 2022
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Bionic clothing innovator Cionic collaborating with Yves Behar’s fuseproject - JUL 2022
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Neural sleeve developed in Bay Area helping patients walk again - JUL 2022
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Neural Sleeve Improves Mobility, Reduces Pain and Depression: Cionic - JUN 2022
Cionic's wearable for people with mobility issues gets FDA clearance - MAR 2022
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New medical device designed to help people with neurological issues improve walking - MAR 2022
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Cionic’s Neural Sleeve Gets FDA Clearance, Wearable Companies Reflect on Industry’s Future - MAR 2022
#3-1 Superpowering the human body with AI — Jeremiah Robison - JAN 2022
Exclusive Interview with PharmaShots: Jeremiah Robison of Cionic Share Insight on the New Data of Neural Sleeve for Neurological & other Disorders - DEC 2021
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Evolving the Standard of Care for People with Mobility Impairments - DEC 2021
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How Bionic Clothing is Focused on Revolutionizing Access for Individuals of All Abilities - DEC 2021
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Feasibility Study of Cionic’s Neural Sleeve Suggests Gait Improvement - NOV 2021
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Algorithm Powered Bionic Clothing for People with Mobility Differences - NOV 2021
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Wearable Neural Sleeve Counters Foot Drop, Aids Mobility in Study - NOV 2021
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Cionic Feasibility Study Finds Neural Sleeve Provides Significant Improvement to Gait - NOV 2021
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Participants with Mobility Challenges Demonstrate 143% Improvement to Gait with Neural Sleeve in Cionic’s Latest Feasibility Study - NOV 2021
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Start-Up Spotlight: Jeremiah Robison Turns Cerebral Palsy ‘Passion Project’ Into Full-Time Commitment - AUG 2021
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CoVent-19 Competition Round 1: A Rapidly Deployable Mechanical Ventilator - MAY 2020
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Overcoming Disability Through Precision Bionics - SEPT 2019
Press Releases
CIONIC Introduces Centers of Excellence Initiative - MAR 2023
September 28 2022 - PRESS RELEASE
Bionic Clothing Innovator CIONIC Secures $12.5M Series A Funding to Revolutionize Human Mobility - SEP 2022
July 19 2022 - PRESS RELEASE
Bionic Clothing Innovator CIONIC Announces Collaboration with Yves Behar’s fuseproject - JUL 2022
May 18 2022 - PRESS RELEASE
CIONIC Appoints Scientific Advisory Board Members with Decades of Diverse Academic and Practical Experience in Neurology, Mobility, Rehabilitation, Therapy, and Engineering - MAY 2022
Cionic’s Neural Sleeve™ Granted FDA Clearance
Participants With Mobility Challenges Demonstrate 143% Improvement to Gait with Neural Sleeve™ in Cionic's Latest Feasibility Study

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